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Steps to make Your ICICI Credit Card Bill Payment?

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Credit Card Bill Payment

Charge cards are a fundamental part of our financial existence and there isn’t any doubt into it. The credit card not just provides you with the liberty to create cashless payments but additionally provides you with peace of mind in occasions of monetary emergency. You may make online transactions as well as book flight or train tickets at night time using your charge card. Now you can avoid paper currency and rather make use of the credit card to create all of your payments. Them have switched to be rather worthy because of its users and for that reason they have to utilize it judiciously and spend the money for due bill around the with time. Every cardholder must act responsibly and spend the money for bill on due time. Why attract any penalty by means of interest? Having to pay the debts around the proper time is only going to increase your CIBIL score, which can help in smooth disbursal associated with a loan you are taking in the bank. The loan cards provided by ICICI Bank have demonstrated to be really much sought after on the market. The financial institution includes a box filled with charge cards which have the utmost benefits, exciting features and mega offers for that customers. Having to pay the debts for the ICICI charge card is extremely easy & convenient and it’s not necessary to slog out much for the similar. You may make your ICICI charge card bill payment through either Internet Banking or through debit cards. Browse the article to understand all things in detail.

Charge Card Payment through Internet Banking-

Press to pay for facility under Internet Banking may be used to make payment of the charge card bill in situation of the bank apart from ICICI. Ought to be fact, the payment is going to be reflected inside a length of 72 hours inside your checking account. Browse the step through which you’ll result in the payment.

First of all you have to select your bank in the given list. It will likely be the identical bank through ICICI charge card bill payment is going to be made.

After you need to supply the information on the charge card. Choose the card type and then go into the 15/16 digit charge card number & the total amount you wish to pay. When you perform the same, you’ll be redirected towards the payment interface of the identical bank.

Now you have to read the payment. You’ll have to login making use of your Internet Banking User ID and password. The quantity is going to be debited in the account following the confirmation from the payment amount.

You will get a web-based confirmation by means of a transaction reference number, when the transaction is finished effectively.

ICICI Charge Card Payment through Bank Card

Having to pay your card bills through bank card can be achieved with the Click to pay for option. To understand how, look into the steps given below.

First you need to choose the card type. The credit card would be the one through which you’ll result in the payment.

You will want to go in the credit card details much like your ICICI charge card number (two times), adopted through the outstanding amount from the card. Next just click on ‘Pay Now’. When you perform the you will be redirected towards the payment gateway from the selected card.

Read the payment by feeding the authentication details. When you read the payment, your debit account is going to be debited instantly.

Afterward you will get a web-based confirmation. You will get a transaction reference number when the payment is finished effectively.

ICICI Charge Card Customer Service

You are able to contact the client care representatives around the toll-free number 1800-102-4242, in situation you’ve any query or problem relating to your charge card. The representative will tackle all of your problems and grievances and can try t resolve the problem. In situation, you’ve registered a complaint, you have to provide the service request number towards the customer service executive. The SR number shouldn’t be greater than two several weeks old.

ICICI Charge Card Statement

In situation you need to view your charge card statement, then you’ll have to go the state website of ICICI Bank and login together with your User ID and password. After that you can view and download your card statement. The financial institution also transmits an e-statement for your registered current email address each month, whereby you should check your due bill, monthly expenditure and also the reward points you’ve earned for the reason that particular month.

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